Message of the Honorary President

Message of the Honorary President
Dear friends
The perpetuation project of the Jewish population of Rozyszcze and its vicinity constitutes a part of my life almost since the first moment when my feet touched the soil of Eretz Israel. Like most of my friends in the Irgun, I left Rozyszcze bidding farewell to my family forever, but this little Jewish community is still thriving in my heart.
We, the first generation of Rozyszcze immigrants in Israel, did quite a lot for the perpetuation of our fore-fathers tradition: we erected memorial monuments, organized "roots-journeys", rehabilitated the ruins of the old Rozyszcze cemetery, wrote two books and established an Internet site. Now it is time for the next generations to retain and participate in this commemoration project.
The Internet site of the Rozyszcze organization perpetuates the stories of our survivors and their extinct families, as well as the history of the Jewish community, completely destroyed without any trace of the Jews. It is one more milestone of the huge perpetuation-project of the Holocaust which is carried out in Israelas well as in the whole world. It is a most important project, the purpose of which is to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and remind us from where we came.
This site enables you, members of the continuation generations, to recognize your roots and your family-trees, and to add information of your own any time that the tree grows a new branch.
I hope that the Rozyszcze organization will continue its blessed work for many years to come, both in Israeland abroad, and I call upon you, the members of the "continuing generations", to take a part in this important project.
Moshe Grabarski


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