Invitation for New Testimonies

This page has been prepared especially for you, dear Rozyszcze fellow townsmen and for your family members
The Rozyszczer Committee in Israeldid invest a lot of effort and funds in assembling first-end testimonies and personal stories of some 25 veterans of the Irgun who are still with us.
Not all of them could tell, not all of them wanted to speak, and not all of them can recreate the past.
We are now opening a website section called "Testimonials and Personal Stories" which is intended for all the fellows of our Irgun as well as for their family members.
Please sit together - the parents, the grown up children, the grandchildren, all who want to hear and know more, and write the personal stories related to our community Rozyszcze.
You can send us the story of your family; stories about your life at the township, the ghetto or the concentration camp; the story of your Aliya (immigration), your absorption in the State of Israel, and the rebuilding of your new family; stories about your occupations, hobbies or any similar subject.
Please send us any available pictures, of the family you had, of the family recreated, pictures of the township, the Kibbutzim, the youth-movements, the schools, the "Talmud-Torah", as well as photos of the rehabilitation in Israel, or any other country (please send us pictures scanned by computer).
We'll do our best in order to include at the new website the stories and the pictures sent by you.
Please send your written material as a Word file, up to 5 A4 pages, to the Irgun administration (under construction).
Important Notice: As a Word file and not as a scanned document, only after Sep. 15    2008(due to a technical problem) to the following address:


Aharon Gotlieb
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