Activities In Israel

The Rozyszczer Committee In Israel was established in 1943. Since its commencement it has done a lot for the perpetuation of Rozyszcze heritage.


Charity Fund

The Committee founded a charity-fund. Stipends were given to children of needy Rozyszcze fellow-townsmen, and even to second and third generation children. The fund chairman was Moshe Grobarski, who was assisted by Ester Koldash and Baruch Koren.

The Rozyszcze House

In 1961 the Committee purchased a large basement in a house located at the corner of Karlibach – Hameasfim streets in Tel-Aviv. The main purpose was – establishment of "a monument for the memory of the 6000 Rozyszcze victims killed by the Nazis". The name given to this hall was "Beth-Rozyszcze". The hall served as a place for monthly meetings, parties and receptions for guests and contributors from abroad.


Installing Memorial Plates at the Rozyszcze House

In 1962 the organization initiated the establishment of two memorial-boards on the main wall of the Rozyszcze House. One board includes the names of the Rozyszcze Jews that were killed in the holocaust, according to information submitted by the families in Israel. On the second board are engraved the names of Rozyszcze organization members who died after the Second World War. A special section is dedicated to the names of Israeli soldiers, members of Rozyszcze families, who were killed in the wars of Israel.


A memorial-board at MountZion

In 1958, amemorial-board for the Rozyszcze victims was installed at MountZionin Jerusalem. The Mount of Zion was the first commemoration site for the holocaust victims in Israel, even before the establishment of the Yad Veshem organization. At the ceremony of unveiling of this board numerous members of the organization did participate. The ceremonies were very heart touching, due to its originality and because of the bitter and fresh memories that came back to all of the participants.


The Book of Rozyszcze

In 1976 the book "Rozyszcze My Old Home" was issued. This book brought together stories about the community, memories of the town's folk that arrived to Israelbefore the war, as well as horror stories of the survivors who were saved from the hell. The purpose of this book was (as written in the Book of Psalms) " in order that the future generation will know, children will be born, ruse and tell their own descendents"


Memorial-Ceremonies for the Township Victims

Since the initiation of the organization, every year, on the tenth of the month of Elul – the day of the liquidation of the Ghetto - a memorial ceremony for the township holy victims is being conducted. It is carried out at Vohlin-House in Givataiim. In addition to the yearly ceremonies, members of the committee participate at the national memorial ritual of presenting a flower-bouquet in honor of the holocaust-victims – a ceremony that is conducted every year, on the eve of Holocaust Day, at the Vohlin House. During the last years our delegates also participate in the Main-Ceremonies of the Holocaust-Day at Yad Vashem in Jerusalemand presented a flower-bouquet bearing the name of Rozyszcze.


Monument at the Holon Cemetery

In 1984 amonument commemorating the Rozyszcze Jewish martyrs was erected at the HolonCemetery. Our members conduct a yearly memorial-ritual, on the Memorial Day of Holocaust and Heroism, in front of this monument. Under this statue, soil, taken from the Rozyszcze massacre-valley and brought to Israelby our members, was buried in memory of our brothers that were viciously murdered there, in cold blood.


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